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Connect your devices

Why push?

Simple! It's way easier than email and a lot faster than Dropbox.

What can I push?

Links that open right into Chrome from the notification so you can get there fast.

Quick notes & reminders that show up right into your notification tray.

Getting pictures from your computer onto your phone has never been easier.

Files download automatically and can be opened right from your notifications.

Put a checklist right in your notification tray and check things off as you go.

Send addresses that take you right into Google Maps for easy directions.

Where can I push?

Send a quick reminder, to-do list, even a picture or link to your phone.

Share pictures, links, or where to meet with friends quick and easy.

Same devices, even more connected

PushBullet makes it easy to push files, links, reminders and more between your Android devices, to your friends, and even to your computer quickly, easily and securely.

Unleash Android's rich notifications

Jellybean (Android 4.1) supercharged Android's notification system. PushBullet takes full advantage of these new features and seamlessly integrates with Android's notification tray.

Fill in what's missing from Android

Getting something from your computer onto your phone or tablet can be a real pain. PushBullet makes it easy and fast—even if your tablet is at home and you're at work.